Getting Out Of The Dorms & Off Campus

Just as I talked about in my previous post, I made a short video about getting out of the dorms when it just gets too stir-crazy. No one realizes how debilitating dorm life is without a car; just stuck within cement walls. You have to find an escape somehow. I have done just that through my friends with cars, one of them being my friend Kylie Everitt.

Kylie has also been maintaining her own blog about professors’ hidden lives for the class we have together.  To get outside and relieve our “dead week” stress, we decided to drive down to Pismo Beach, walk around and get some milkshakes from In-N-Out (which never fails to make you feel better).

Watch below to see our little adventure and interviews from some of my other floormates to see what they do for fun when they want to get off campus!

Thanks so much for watching my video and keeping up with Dormshock over the past ten weeks! Hopefully, I will be able to come up with a couple more blog posts for you guys as the year comes to a close.

Until then,



Upcoming Video: Getting Off Campus

So, while the dorms might be what you’ve dreamed of since you were little (cough, cough, me), they’re not always what they’re cracked up to be . . . When you’re in them 24/7. There’s these times when you just have this pent-up energy that you need to get out, but instead you’re inside your dorm room and going outside to somewhere else still on campus just doesn’t sound appealing. That’s when it’s time to get out – and off campus.

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Ghosts Have To Shower Too

One of the many joyful benefits of living in the dorms is shared bathrooms and the dire need for shower shoes. In my dorm, we share two showers and two toilet stalls between 13 girls . . . and one ghost.

Yeah, you read that right. We’re not crazy, we’re actually convinced that we have a ghost that haunts our bathroom (and likes to shower in it too). It started in the beginning of the year, when we’d be standing at the counter brushing our teeth and we’d hear the shower turn on. But, we hadn’t seen anyone walk into the bathroom to use it.

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Horror Hook-up Stories: Audio Interview

We all know coming in to college that things are going to get frisky . . . But boy, there are some weird stories out there. There’s those times when all you want is for everything to work out, but instead it all goes wrong. I’m talking about horror hook-up stories.

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That Awkward (And Unfortunate) Moment

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7 Steps To Survive Your Worst Nightmare

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Dorm Room Dynamics

When you apply for college housing, one of the most important aspects (at least it was to me) was whether you were going to be in a double room or a triple room. I know for the guys this might … Continue reading